Design Service

Furniture 1A Full Design Service

The first step is an on-site meet­ing to dis­cuss the client’s exact require­ments, after which a meet­ing will take place in my Show­room to browse through a wide range of fab­ric and wall­pa­per books, paints, car­pets or fur­niture.  I will then provide detailed estim­ates and samples.

On a lar­ger pro­ject, I can also provide sample boards and detailed draw­ings and spe­cific­a­tions.  Once the estim­ates have been accep­ted, I will order the fab­rics, liaise with my work rooms and ensure the smooth run­ning of the pro­ject until installation.

After com­ple­tion, I can assist the cli­ent with any extra work which may be required, togeth­er with the pur­chase of any final accessor­ies and fin­ish­ing touches.

A Shop­ping Ser­vice at Chelsea Harbour
Some cli­ents really struggle to find their per­fect fab­ric giv­en the huge choice avail­able.  Some cli­ents like to go to the hub of interi­or design, Chelsea Har­bour Design Centre , in Lon­don.  Here you will find a vast range of show­rooms with all the latest fab­rics, fur­nish­ings and accessories.I can also offer a day at Chelsea Har­bour, which has been a very pop­u­lar ser­vice.   I will guide you through the vast array of fab­ric houses and help you choose your per­fect fab­ric or access­ory. This will cost £150.00 and cov­ers a full day’s advis­ory ser­vice — a great fun and pro­duct­ive day.
After com­ple­tion, I can assist the cli­ent with any extra work which may be required, togeth­er with the pur­chase of any final accessor­ies and fin­ish­ing touches.
Sitting Room 15How I Charge

Due to the sharp increase in the cost of fab­rics and wall­pa­pers, I am now offer­ing a fee based struc­ture so that I can give my cus­tom­ers the best pos­sible prices on fab­rics and wall­pa­pers.  I have trade accounts with all the lead­ing sup­pli­ers:  Cole­fax & Fowl­er, Jane Churchill, Kate Forman, Osborne & Little, Romo, Har­le­quin, Peony & Sage, Ian Mankin, Ian Sander­son, Tri­mont, Susie Wat­son, to name but a few.  If you are purely wish­ing to order fab­rics or wall­pa­pers, please email me your require­ments so that I can give you a quotation.

For  interi­or design or soft fur­nish­ings pro­jects, I offer a one hour first site vis­it free of charge, with­in a 20 mile radi­us of my Show­room.  Fol­low­ing this, I offer a full design ser­vice for an hourly rate of £45.00 (VAT is not chargeable).

For cli­ents liv­ing fur­ther than a 20 mile radi­us, an hourly rate of £45.00 is charged which is refund­able against a client’s first order.  The rate starts on arrival on-site.

The Smal­ler Project
I am very happy to help cli­ents who may just want to improve one room in their house or who would simply like a new pair of cur­tains or a sofa re-covered.
Some­times fresh eyes can make all the dif­fer­ence.  I can also help to improve the look of a room, for example re-arrange some fur­niture, give advice on improve­ments or provide fresh ideas.  The same fee struc­ture applies as above.
Mak­ing Up Cur­tains etc in Cli­ents’ Own Fabric
I nor­mally like to sup­ply fab­rics because I then know they have been bought from reput­able sup­pli­ers.  There have been prob­lems in the past where cli­ents have provided their own fab­rics and it has become appar­ent these fab­rics are “seconds” and have been faulty.  I apo­lo­gise I am not able to work with any fab­rics pur­chased from dis­count houses or ebay.  How­ever, I will make up customer’s own fab­rics if they have been bought from reput­able sup­pli­ers. In this instance, I charge stand­ard mak­ing up charges (which can be giv­en by quo­ta­tion) plus an hourly rate of £45.00 design fee to cov­er travel & super­vi­sion time, includ­ing all paper­work.  This same fee struc­ture applies to alterations.

If you would like to discuss your project, please contact us either by using our contact form, or telephone on either 01327 811 790 or 07970 067 781.